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Get active GSM phone numbers database classified by (Name, Gender, Location, LGA, State) for the whole country. We also have specialized ones. Mobile marketing, product launch or election campaigns couldn't be this easier! It is 100% return guaranteed!

  • Each LGA: N10 per contact (ten  naira only)
  • Each State: N10 per contact (ten naira only)
  • Nationwide: N10 per contact (ten naira only). 
    Engage with your audience today by giving them the best mobile treat possible.

We also have phone number database of pastors,universities and many others not included
in this list. 

Note: categorized ones as herein contained are un-verified. 

Categoriesnumber of contactPrice (NGN)
Car Owners N10
CEOs 1 N10
DSTV Workers 1 N10
Engineers and Architects 1 N10
NYSC 1 N10
Oil and Gas Workers 1 N10
School Owners 1 N10
Teachers 1 N10
Lagos Youths 1 N10
Movies industry 1 N10
You may want to see the breakdown of the nationwide phone number database below:
LAGOS 5,018,051
OYO 1,557,141
SOKOTO 198,568
ABUJA 306,493
NASARAWA 325,886
ZAMFARA 141,742
ADAMAWA 445,683
ABIA 858,322
PLATEAU 385,598
AKWA IBOM 726,555
ANAMBRA 1,181,802
KWARA 645,911
RIVERS 1,611,513
BAUCHI 395,057
BENUE 740,014
GOMBE 255,992
BORNO 487,985
DELTA 875,449
ONDO 906,557
EDO 799,248
NIGER 678,465
EKITI 420,734
ENUGU 662,871
OGUN 1,215,562
KADUNA 1,276,105
KEBBI 142,209
KOGI 381,000
IMO 1,010,036
JIGAWA 176,165
OSUN 820,504
KANO 1,240,542